Sunday, October 28, 2012

Indefinite Leave to Remain

Yesterday was the 5 year anniversary of our arrival into the UK.  As our 5 year visa ended we both applied for Indefinite Leave to Remain.  This is the grant of settlement status which allows us to live, work, or study here in the UK without any time limit or restrictions. The requirements for this status was proof of 5 years of residency, documentation, and passing a life in the UK test.  We both studied several hours a day for a week and did pass the required test.  After meeting all of our requirements, we met with immigration officers who interviewed us, took fingerprints, and of course the required criminal style 'non happy' photos for our residence permits.  These permits will now have to accompany our passports as we travel in and our of the UK.  A huge relief to get this behind us.  If we continue to live here for one more year we then can apply for citizenship if we choose.

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