Monday, October 15, 2012

Bruce and Becky

This ended another fun week touring London with more of our wonderful US friends.  A first trip to England for both Bruce and Becky made it easy for me to find sights that they had never seen. We did have an extra bonus when we saw the Queen up close at Windsor Castle.  First pic I took in front of Big Ben and the House of Parliament,  second at the historic Abbey Road crossing, and last was on top of the O2 Arena.   Both from the Seattle area, our guests were right at home with public transport and large crowds.  When I travel in London I never stand on an escalator, but always climb up or down passing hundreds of  commuters.  My Americans friends got the hang of moving fast and that meant running when necessary.  It just gave us more quality pub time.  Click the link below and watch the video of our climb over the O2 Arena.  I've added this climb to my favorite London tour stops for our more adventurous guests.  This is my third climb over the dome and I always take the lead. I hate climbing over exhausted tourists and occasional cadavers.   Now I'm told there will be a zip line ride from the top of the dome.  I can't wait.

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