Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Monday I took a 2 hour train ride Northwest of London to the coast city of Liverpool.  This is the 3rd largest city in England and is labeled by Guinness's book as the World Capitol City of Pop.  Made most famous of course by the Beatles which is what brought me here as we all salute 50 years of the Fab 4.
I stayed in the Hard Day's Night Hotel, shown here, which not only was a great hotel but did a fine job using the Beatles theme throughout, even in the rooms.  I had a 'John Lennon, Imagine', theme room and chose to pass on the 'Love Me Do' room since I was by myself. Maybe I'll bring my bride back for that one, could be another story.   I will say it was an absolute pleasure for me to leave the busy London folks who don't have much to say and meet a genuinely friendly city where I had never been.  I must have met 30 people who took the time to have a proper chat and I couldn't find anyone whom I didn't like.  I've realized that the true advantage of traveling alone is you can take the time to blab, which is my specialty.  I could live here, hated to come home!

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