Wednesday, October 3, 2012

LG tv Repair

Our 42 inch LG TV quit working after 5 years here in London.  At a cost of 800 pounds, or $1200.00, I just couldn't through it out but had to try and fix it.  It seems like anything I need to know is on YouTube.  So I pulled up a video of how to fix an LG tv, and in 10 minutes I found the problem.  I pulled off the back of the TV which exposed the 8 x 10 inch control panel which I removed.  I located 4 bad capacitors that were swelled up on the top from overheating, (shown here with red dots on top).  With my solder gun I heated up the soldered wires and removed the faulty capacitors.  I ordered new ones at a total cost of under $5.00 and soldered these in place.  Ten minutes later I had the unit back together and what a surprise, it works!  I saved the cost of a new TV, or a huge repair bill and wonder how many people have thrown these out.  I know nothing about electronics but do know a little bit about YouTube. Learn a new song on the guitar, watch a hemorrhoid operation or fix your TV,  take your pick,,,It's all there.

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