Thursday, July 26, 2012

UK Skydiving

Yesterday I traveled 2 hours by train to the North London Skydiving Centre.  I was under heavy stress from my Olympic commitments and needed a long overdue break.  Here in the little village of March I made my 15 th jump from 12,700 ft. and my first in England. That is 3 static line training jumps, 10 free falls, and 2 tandem jumps.  The tandem jump gets you the most free fall time if you don't have much experience.  I was cheated on the free fall time which was only 45 seconds as they open up at 5,000 feet.  I was denied my request to open at 3,000 feet which would have been close to a minute free fall.  They do follow strict rules here for safety.  The jump cost was £165.00, with video £80.00 extra, and with still pictures, £40.00 more. With pictures and video you have a jumper follow you down with a helmet mounted video camera.  I posted the full album on facebook and will follow with the video.  This is one of life's few rewards and for a short time you will forget all your trobules.  You just gotta do it!

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