Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pickpockets and Conmen

Con men, pickpockets, beggars and prostitutes have flooded into London almost as if it were an Olympic event.  They are here to prey on unsuspecting foreign tourists.  Organised gangs, mostly Romanian, target tourists by posing as plain clothes policemen asking for ID and personal info.  Romanian police have been deployed here in London to help in spotting the criminals. We have traveled to countless tourists attractions in 20 different countries and these are some helpful things that we do.  Always travel with valuables in front pockets.  After getting to your hotel, always leave passports, flight tickets, wallets, jewelry and purses in your room safe.  I take out a credit card, 1 piece of ID, some cash and my cell phone which all go in my front pockets.  If you carry a backpack or purse,  put in front of you on trains or crowded places.  These criminals usually work in pairs and are very good at what they do. Don't think it couldn't happen to you...BE AWARE...

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