Friday, July 20, 2012


With the upcoming Olympics the London transport system will be busting at the seams.  The London underground train system, called the tubes, moves about 3 1/2 million passengers per day.  I am one of them and posted a few tube photos.  We don't have a car here in the city, don't need one and don't want one.  The transport system is outstanding but does have occasional signal failures and about once a week, a jumper will muck things up for commuters. I am at my wits end, and dam sick of getting held up by 'Jumpers'.  A Jumper is a selfish inconsiderate moron who decides to solve all their problems by jumping in front of a train.  It affects thousands of travelers, it's crap for anyone on the platform close by and even worse for the poor train drivers who see this happen.  There is a big percentage who actually survive these jumps and are rightly prosecuted by the courts.   If you're thinking a jump will solve everything, why don't you get a life, deal with your problems and die of old age like the rest of us.

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