Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Shard

At 1016 ft. (309 meters), London's recently finished Shard is now the tallest building in Europe.  It is the 59 th tallest building in the world with the Burj in Dubai being the tallest at 2700 ft.  There will be 72 floors in the Shard with a viewing deck at the 800 ft. level.  It will be open to the public in Feb. 2013 with a fee of 24.95 pounds to go up. The building has a pyramid shape totally covered in glass and was finished at a cost of 450 million pounds.  This building which we can see from our flat passes the Canary Wharf tower next to us which was the tallest structure in England.  The new Shard will contain premium office space, a hotel, luxury flats, retail space and restaurants.  We were in Dubai when the Burj opened, bottom pic,  but couldn't go up as the lifts broke down.  We will not miss going up in the Shard next year. Gotta do it!

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