Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Thames Cable Car

With sponsorship from Emirates Airline, the Thames Cable Car was built in less than a year at a cost of 60 million Pounds. ($100 million).  The cable car is part of London's transit system and the cost is 3.50 pounds using our rail cards, one way.  We took our first ride on the cable car last week with daughter Brooke and her boyfriend Scott.  I like it when the car swings a bit in strong winds, then I feel I'm getting my moneys worth.  The ride crosses 300 feet over the Thames river from the O2 Arena to the Royal Victoria dock by the London Excel Arena.  It is quit fast and will carry 2500 passengers per hour each direction.  If anyone gets nervous and hesitates getting on a car, thus holding up other passengers,  they will be beaten senseless and thrown into the Thames River with ankle weights.  The whole lot of us are in a hurry in this city especially with the upcoming Olympics, so don't be slowing us courteous and step to the side if you want to gawk at the sights.......

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