Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mega Yacht, Octopus

The huge Super Yacht, Octopus, arrived here in Canary Wharf yesterday ahead of the Olympics.  It is a 414 ft. yacht owned by Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen. When it was built in 2003 it was the biggest private yacht in the world.  Now it is the 12 th largest super yacht being passed up a few times.  This yacht comes with the usual standard equipment including two helicopters, a 63 ft. tender along with 6 others, a ten man submarine, and jet skis to name just a few of the extra toys.  The cost of the Octopus was over 200 million and has a 20 million annual budget.  There are 60 permanent crew members on board, including several former navy seals.  She flies a British flag with a Cayman Islands, Georgetown registry.  Security is high around the Octopus but I got this first photo this morning with no problems. I'm sure Mr Allen will be hosting many high profile guests for the Olympics.  Unfortunately I won't get to party with them as I had a prior commitment with my mates at Roddy's Bar.  I hope Mr. Allen will understand.

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