Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Red Light District

For over 700 years Amsterdam's Red Light District leaves nothing to the imagination.  Women show off their goods for sale, in the red lit windows.  Sex, soft drugs, prostitution and pornography is all legal in Holland. The coffee shops sell weed, hash, and cannabis and maybe even some coffee as well.  This is by far the biggest tourist attraction in Amsterdam.  You shouldn't tour this area alone or late at night.  Ignore the freaks and keep your wallet or purse close.  We spent a couple hours in the narrow alleys window shopping. I had to figure out how I could get a great blog with photos of the working women forbidden.  I got yelled at more than once shooting from the hip,  the flash gave me away,  Trust me on this,  after you've been here, you've seen it all,  So there I was getting yelled at by some ugly skank in one window, the next ho is inviting me in, then my wife is trying to drag me away.  Gees I'm a respectable guy,  all I did was ask how much.....
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