Monday, March 26, 2012


Floris lived with us in 1998 while going to high school in Wenatchee Washington USA.  He was one of several Rotary Youth Exchange students that we hosted.  Floris was born and raised in Arnhem, The Netherlands, and is now working in Amsterdam as a business financial specialist for the countries largest mortgage bank. Floris hosted us last weekend while taking the time to be our tour guide for 3 days.  I'll do the same when he comes to London.  We got a first hand education on real estate prices and saw how expensive this densely populated city is to live in.  Floris has over 300,000 euros ($400,000) in his 700 sq. ft. one bedroom flat shown here.  Floris also gave us the guided Red Light District tour.  He seemed to know a lot about that area.
Julie and I have stayed connected with all the rotary students who lived with us.  They have enriched our lives more than they would ever know.  Thanks Floris, you are like our own son and our house will always be open to you.

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