Thursday, March 1, 2012

London Gym Etiquette

During my 4 years of living in England, I've belonged to 2 different gyms, in Guildford and in London.  There is a pool and small gym where I live, (shown here), which works great for my daily cardio workout.  I joined a very posh 4,000 member gym here in London about 3 years ago specifically for the use of free weights. I am finally at my wit's end with free weights being scattered about and left for staff to pick up later. And why bother when even personal trainers sometimes don't put weights away. Then along come the members who say, nobody else does it so why should I. I've seen it!  During peak gym hours it is sometimes difficult to even find matching dumbbells, and I already have enough trouble converting kilos to pounds. Being American, I have never seen this allowed in the many US gyms that I've used.  Golds Gym, Wenatchee, USA, thanks a sure spoiled me,  and are still the best run gym I've ever seen.  I believe a membership is ownership, so take some pride in "your" gym and pick up after yourself.  Fitness is essential for me and it starts in the gym.  In my world you've got to be bloody fit to survive a proper London pub crawl.
A chat with the management told me where the real problem lies,  They would rather hire staff to clean up than to politely remind someone and risk loosing a member... You don't see me complain much on this blog but you're getting it today.  The bulk of these 4,000 members are professional people, and it's the small few with a "pick up after me attitude" that does muck it up for the majority.  You know who you are and you give a new meaning to the word "Dumbbells".