Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday Ride

Sunday I was invited by Rob and Stefani for a horse ride in the Wenatchee foothills. Rob is a friend from 20 years ago so it was a catch up on old times.  It is so great to get a break from my work and spend a warm sunny day overlooking my American home town. The valley below was as beautiful as the snow covered mountains above. I even ran into one of 'me ol mates', Rufus Woods on the trail,  It's almost like I belong here.  Second photo is Rob and I and last shot is me stuck between the twin peaks, Stef and Jackie.  Am I lucky or what!  I got to jam a bit with Stef who is an outstanding singer and guitar player.  I love my home in London but these are the kind of friends that will bring us back here to live.  Thanks to the Johnson family, you're the best.

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