Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Hours

This Mural is an idea I've had for 3 years.  The dreadful looking concrete retaining wall could have been left untouched for 20 years and nobody would have said a word.  But did I ever stir the pot when I mentioned I was thinking of a mural.  I had no idea that everyone I talked to was an artist.  Everybody had an idea of what should be the theme.  I would need a wall 100 feet long to add all of the helpful suggestions.  So I shut-up and did my thing. The end result came from  mega hours of cutting, pasting, enlarging, reducing, and recopying photos and bits I pulled from other pictures.  I took my scaled down picture to Terry's Signs in Wenatchee and this is it.  My 1/2 inch per foot scale image was projected onto four 4x8 ft. aluminum sheets.  The final addition to the mural was in honor of our faithful pooch Bogey.  I handed Terry a small wallet sized photo of Bogey and he did his magic.  What an incredible artist to bring all these ideas to life.  Since 1994, anyone who has been to our lake home knows that all the hours here are happy hours.  Our years in Arizona  will always bring a smile for Julie and I, with unending blue sky's and beautiful sunsets.  I might make a few changes to the mural but for now this is just another one of my crazy ideas.  Full album posted on Facebook.

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