Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Water Pump

Most home water systems on Lake Chelan use submersible water pumps.  Ours worked fine but was installed 20 years ago.  So I chose to replace it this year and avoid any problems.  Neighbor George helped me do the job and I sure couldn't do it alone.  I had to dive to lift and pull the pump out and dive again to set it back in the lake at about 20 feet.  The water is still under 50 degrees so I needed the warmest suit I had.  You could not hold your hand in this water,  that's cold.  I did a one week job in 38 degree water in my early diving years so this was no problem with the right gear.  Second pic, I'm pulling the old pump apart. 3 rd photo is George wiring the new $700.00 1 horse pump with watertight connections.  Last pic.  I'm holding a ski rope that we used for lifting the old pump.  I always wondered if I could ski on my rubber fins.  Thanks George, A tough job successfully complete.  Full album on Facebook.

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