Monday, April 16, 2012

CT Scan

My sunny Arizona day started out with a routine check-up with the Urologist, AKA Dr. Big finger.  I really don't like this day or the Doctor but it's important.  So he does the usual degrading thing to me, then he says I think we need to check your bladder with a scope. OK fine with me lets do it.  What!  you're going to stick it in where?  YIKES!  Now I'm scared, I thought the worst was over.  So there I am with nothing on and in comes the nurse. Without so much as a smile or a kiss she washes my boys with with some kind of iodine and of course I don't have my camera. Next comes the scope, dam that thing is huge and I'm sweating now.  In it goes then the Doctor says "does your back hurt". You are kidding right?  With tears in my eyes I said hell no, but my pee hole is killing me.  He sees small kidney stones, so I'm sent to get a CT scan and ex ray of my bladder. I am then forced to put on this 'one size fits all' monkey suit that made me look like a sack of door nobs, shown here.  I have never had kidney stones and my back doesn't hurt, but I have been stripped from a lifetime of pride and dignity in about 2 hours. The CT scan showed all clear and all OK.  I wonder how many people pass kidney stones and don't even know it.  Red wine might be the answer.

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