Monday, May 9, 2011

On the Beach

The sun and warm water is what we live for. We take our long beach walks in the morning and camp out in the sun until we're burnt up, then do it again the next day. A long swim and walk burns enough calories that you can eat and drink all day long without any guilt. Some of the sights aren't the best to look at and some are a bonus. I hope you understand why I can't post my favorite pictures. Sea food is served here daily so be careful what you step on as it could be on the menu tonight. Here's two gents who forgot their morning work-out. You just gotta get your exercise! I watched a middle aged lady without a top on who was smoking every 30 minutes, jump into the pool we were in and swim the full length underwater. It was about 25 meters long. She took a short break and did it again, then got out, got a drink, and lit up another fag. Unbelievable! I couldn't swim that far under water on my best day and should have asked what brand she smoked. I'm gonna get some of those.

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