Friday, May 13, 2011

London Filming

It is very common to see film crews here in London shooting sets for future movies. Acting schools are also very popular here so there are actors always looking for any part they can get. Recently I looked out my window and saw a plane crash with fire, smoke and people running everywhere. I got my scope on it and saw a movie set with dead people, fire, blood and guts everywhere. The filming lasted 3 days and these pictures are from my flat about 300 meters away. I went over there quick to see if I could get involved. There was a lot of action with zombies walking slowly getting shot at and bloody human limbs laying on the ground. They were recruiting more actors to be zombies but had specific requirements. They had to walk slow, look dumb and act stupid. It all came natural for me except the walk slow part. They sure had a lot of requirements. Maybe acting school!

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