Sunday, May 8, 2011

Antalya, Turkey

We've just returned from our first visit to Turkey, on the Eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. A city of over 1 million, Antalya has evolved from part of the Roman Republic in the 3rd century BC to an International Resort today. We stayed at the Sherwood Breezes resort on the coast and enjoyed a warm sunny relaxing week. This was an all inclusive holiday that included the flight, room, and all food and drinks. The five star property was gorgeous with 5 pools and activities for adults and children as well. Pictures show the property from the beach and from our no smoking room. The Bin Laden news hit while we were there and a resort employee gave me a hug and a big thanks knowing I was from the US. I am a proud American but I wasn't waving the flag on the city streets here. Not everyone in this world likes the US so we kept a low profile and said we were Canadians if asked. After our first day there, we didn't hear any English spoken at all so we were a bit more careful.

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