Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

In 2008 Julie and I spent a week in Egypt visiting Cairo, Luxor and Aswan.  Last week we escaped the dreadful cold British winter and took a week holiday in Sharm el Sheikh.  Our 5 1/2 hour flight was out of London Gatwick airport and we were so lucky to have no delays with all the the fog and snow. This small city of under 40,000 called the party capitol of the Red Sea, is on the same parallel as Miami Florida.  Sharm el Sheikh depends totally on desalinated water which is used for everything but drinking.  This is no problem for us as we didn't go to a week in the sun to drink water anyway.  All electricity here comes from the Aswan High Dam 700 miles away.  The currency here is the Egyptian pound, shown here, and ten of these equals 1 English pound so get plenty.  I took the last shot 5 minutes before we landed in Sharm. Most of the big resorts over here partner with airlines to offer some great holiday package deals.  Wish we had more travel time as our bucket list keeps getting longer.

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