Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blog Post 500



This is my official blog post number 500, a milestone, and here's how it started.  The adventure began with Julie's job change to Barclays, and because of her energy and dedication we are still here today.  Top photo was taken when Julie and I moved to England in October 2007, bottom photo is our current British pub shot, oops, I mean mug shot. A great American friend, Ruth Lowe got this crazy idea to build a travel blog for us.  At that time, I didn't even know how to spell the word blog so I needed a lot of help.  Ruth and Randy from Washington State, have been my tech support since then and without their help I wouldn't be writing this now.  The Lowe family is shown here with me, on the London Eye, during  a 2008 visit.  You guys are the best!
Keeping this story rolling along has completely changed my life.  I try not to go a week without a story so this forces me to get off my arse and find something new. We've visited over 20 countries in 5 years, some multiple times, meeting the most interesting people, many of which will remain great friends.  We respect other cultures and beliefs even though ours are different.  I do my best to try all of the food and booze where ever we are.  It's the honorable thing to do. 
 The Blog has been like a diary and allows our family and friends a way to keep up with us.  Facebook has been a wonderful way for us to follow everyone else.  Reading and writing are not my specialties therefore I keep my stories short trying not to be a bore.  I always include pictures, facts, opinions and if you're lucky a few censored jokes. 
We do miss our family and friends in America so much, and that's an empty hole in our lives.  We always make the very most of every minute we spend with all of you. Our passports recently expired after 10 years and it's a good thing because they were chucked full with extra pages.  We now have our new passports with extra pages so we have 10 years to fill those pages. Our work is cut out...I say...GET ER DONE!   

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Debbie Foreman said...

This is my first visit to your blog. Very interested to read about your adventures. Thanks for sharing with your facebook friends.
Debbie Foreman