Monday, January 28, 2013

On the streets of Egypt

We've been on the streets of Egypt before so we know the routine.  Be prepared to get hassled because it will happen and I love it.  Again this is a tourist driven culture and the locals don't eat unless you spend money.  If you look into a shop without even going in you're a target and you get followed until you go into another shop.  We took a lunch break at the Hard Rock Cafe before going out for more abuse.  Sharm el Sheikh is a spendy city for the local shop owners, hotels and resorts.  The slow economy and political unrest in the country has made it really tough on the tourist trade.  Mostly people in the western world would feel uneasy coming here.  This is the only country I've ever been to that I don't have to use my charm to get someone to talk. You can get everything from a camel ride to a genuine cheap 'rolax' watch.  Everyone wants to be your friend if they think you got some dollars.

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