Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On top of the O2 Arena

The climb over the O2 Arena in London is yet another fun attraction set in place for the 2012 Olympic games.  It was fun to see this being built in the last month so I took the climb yesterday with a group of 15 and I loved it.  I'm comfortable in high places like this but the staff were very helpful with a few nervous climbers.  The walkway is a flexible rubber material with built in cleats on the steep areas.  It is a 30 % grade starting out so it is quite steep and flexes a lot. Safety is of course taken very serious so there is a short ground school before gearing up.  Everyone wears a waterproof suit as there is always a chance of rain and wind in this country.  Proper shoes are provided if needed for good traction.  Harnesses are worn with a safety line that is always attached on the climb and descent.  On the top at 54 meters high, you are unclipped in a safe area where photos and videos can be taken.  All my friends are in low places so it's nice to get up in the clouds and meet a few of those uppity people.  At a cost of 22 pounds it was a fun couple of hours well spent I would say.

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