Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Diamond Jubilee

In 1952 at age 26, Queen Elizabeth II began her 60 year reign as Queen of England. (lower photo)  Since then there have been 12 British Prime Ministers and 12 US Presidents, beginning with Winston Churchill and Harry Truman.  This weekend the country set aside 4 days to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with big events as the Epsom Derby, The Thames Pageant, the concert at Buckingham Palace and countless smaller events.  Over a million people took part in the festivities with little regard to some dreadful UK weather.  We were here in 2007 when the Queen and Prince Phillip celebrated their 60 th wedding anniversary.  Now we are so lucky to still be here and help our British friends celebrate this Diamond Jubilee.  What an amazing lady at 86 years old still doing her job well.  God save the Queen!

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