Monday, July 11, 2011

Wing Walking, England

This might just spice up a day when you're real bored. Today I took a 1 1/2 train ride to the Aerodrome in Headcorn, South East of London. In fair weather this small airport hosts many skydivers and they offer wing-walking. This I hadn't done and it was on my bucket list so I checked it off today. This vintage bi-plane is a 1951 Boeing Stearman and it could handle anyone under 12 1/2 stone, (or 175 lbs) on the top wing. It was a 15 minute tour around the beautiful South East farmlands. I was actually quite comfortable during the ride but could have used ear-plugs. I did try a few times to get both feet in the air for the camera man but there was too much wind at 110 mph. I could have stayed up there for an hour if I had some food. Who would ever want to sit in the seat on a nice day when you can hang out like this...What a Blast! You just gotta do it... Click on the photos for the full version.