Tuesday, July 5, 2011

St Ekaterina

Here is the 197 ft. super luxury Yacht, "St Ekaterina" built in 2008. Since it was tied up at my dock here in London, I had to investigate. Cruising range is 4200 miles, top speed 16 knots, has a 15 member crew and can accommodate 12 passengers with its 6 luxury suites. This yacht is based in the Mediterranean, but can go anywhere as it can be rented be the week. I'm thinking I could impress my mates with a 1 week cruise. Think Again! The St Ekaterina rents for 325,000 pounds per week and has a provision charge of 25 % extra. That's $520,000 US dollars per week, $74,400 per day, $3,100 per hour, or just $516.00 per minute. I wonder how much fun we could have in a minute.

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