Wednesday, February 20, 2008

UK Auto Insurance

The price is huge in this country if you drive without insurance. If you're pulled over by police and don't have insurance, your car is impounded immediately. This not only comes with a fine of 500 to 1000 pounds, but you get points against your license. You get points against you for any kind of driving ticket, and also having no insurance. When you get up to 12 points against you in a 3 year period, you loose your license.
There are traffic cammeras everywhere. They are so advanced that they not only detect speeding, but also a car that has no insurance by seeing the license number. So guess what; you get your picture taken, with a hefty fine, for speeding or no insurance. This doesn't totally eliminate the uninsured motorist, but it sure keeps most of them off the road. Any license number can be checked, anytime for insurance. Even a parked car can be towed off. In my opinion it's a darn good system.

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Brad Huddle said...

They should do that here in the states.

Allstate Brad