Thursday, February 28, 2008

Furniture Arrives

Finally we got our furniture, which we shipped the first week in January from Arizona. Now it's looking more like home. Movers showed up yesterday, after our shipment cleared customs. Our flat had just the bare essentials for us to move in, with only our clothes. So now we have our own sofas, cookware, bedding, pictures, and personal items. We even got our barbecue which we have missed since we've moved here. After 3 months of sleeping on a tiny Queen-sized bed, we got our own king bed. Now we have to figure out all over again, what to do with all the extra space in that big bed. I warned Julie, if we can't get this worked out soon, we're likely to get hit with a "non use" tax. It's a terrible thing, but it could happen. They tax everything here!

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