Tuesday, February 26, 2008

5.2 Earthquake

It hit about 1:00 in the morning. The bed was shaking, which woke me up. I didn't know if Julie was having a hot flash, or if my body was rejecting that Kidney pie I had earlier. After getting out of bed I was sure it was an earthquake, having been through two others. I ran into the next room to check on my golf clubs and they were OK. It was the strongest UK Earthquake in 25 years, centered in Lincolnshire, which is in the north. There was at least one person injured when a chimney fell through a roof. An aftershock is said, will hit in the next day or two. Although Julie and I seem fine with no physical injuries, there will no doubt be a lengthy mental recovery for us. Those concerned should send gifts and donations directly to our UK address, and e-mail "get well" wishes to us at rodman0830@aol.com. Remember, the more generous you feel, the better we'll feel!

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