Thursday, April 11, 2013

Career Break

Barclays Announcment;  Senior Executive Julie Roddy, Director of Retail Lending Services has decided to take a career break with effect from 4 May 2013, to allow her to return to America to spend more time with her family. Julie has made tremendous customer centric improvements within Mortgage Services over the past two years including the implementation of the Mortgage Originations Program. We'd like to thank Julie for her personal support and her contribution to Barclays to date.

This is what Julie decided to do in December of last year.  We have missed out on family and friends, and would like to spend time with our grandkids in Arizona who we hardly know.  Julie will take up to a year off and will have a job with Barclays to go back to if she chooses.  We will now adjust to living together 24/7 which we've never done.  We will live at our lake home in Washington State for the summer and then be in Arizona for the winter. 

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