Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baby Owen

Owen Lawrence Summers was born May 17, 2013 at 1;52 AM.  7.8 lbs, 19 inches tall.  This is our first Grandson,  and the first child for Brooke and Scott Summers.  I was able to stop in the middle of a trip to Sacramento California, and fly into Phoenix in time to welcome Owen into life.  It sure brought back vivid memories of our two children being born.  Very proud of Brooke who was in labor over 30 hours without any food or sleep.  Finally she gets to hold her child and he dumps his very first payload all over her and Scott gets the cleanup duty.  I'm telling you,  they never quit doing that.
 I was in the hospital with Brooke and Scott, and also stayed with them at their house for the first 3 days with their new child. It's a tough adjustment for a young couple bringing a newborn home.  Every parent knows there's not much sleep in the house for a few weeks, but I actually slept quite well in the spare bedroom with the door closed.  I do enjoy being a Grandparent and am really lucky to have my two granddaughters living only 10 minutes away.  Too be honest I wouldn't want to start all over again but this is really fun.

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