Sunday, February 12, 2012

HMS Liverpool

Here at our dock is the HMS Liverpool which is a type 42 Destroyer, built in 1980. This is her final stop before being decommissioned after 30 years of service. In March 2011 the Liverpool took part in the NATO blockade of Lybia during their civil war. In August 2011 she took fire from a pro-Gaddafi Loyalist shore battery. Big Mistake! Together with NATO aircraft she stood her ground well by taking out the shore battery and destroying a Gaddafi convoy, firing 54, 4 1/2 inch shells.
I say it is outstanding that the Royal Navy would take the time to come here and open the ship for tours. It gives us land lubbers a small idea of what they do for us. YOU GUYS ROCK!
Lower shot from our flat, of the tugs bringing the Liverpool in.

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