Monday, April 18, 2011

London Marathon

This year's London Marathon attracted over 36,000 entries. The weather was perfect for the runners with no rain, no wind, and just a bit cloudy. This is a flat course close to sea level and is the perfect race for runners to break records. The 26 mile course started in the Greenwich Park area and ended at Buckingham Palace. We were lucky to watch runners come through Canary Wharf where we live. The winning time for men was 2:04.38 which broke the course record. This was the 4 th fastest men's marathon recorded in history. The world record of 2:03.59 , was set in 2008 in Berlin. The women's winning time was 2:19.17 which was also the forth fastest ever recorded for women. The woman's world record is 2:15.25 and was set here in 2003. I believe the best years of my life were the 15 years I ran these road races. Great memories and friendships I'll always remember. As always there were some wild and funny costumes to entertain the many thousands of spectators. I posted a short video on facebook.


Nevio said...

Phil, wherever did you find that leopard thong outfit, very 70's.

Phil and Julie Roddy said...

Isn't that a great thong. When the sun finally comes out here we can wear those