Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alexander Von Humboldt

This 200 ft. square rigger showed up at my dock yesterday. Built in 1906, the German lightship was refitted in 1986 to a sail training ship. It sails in the European seas in the summer months, and the Mediterranean and Caribbean waters in the winter months. This magnificent sailing ship has travelled 500,000 nautical miles and has given more than 20,000 trainees the unique experience of sailing on a tall ship. It's unusual green sails set it apart from all other sailing ships. The picture from our flat above does make it look rather small even though the masts are 132 ft. high. It sails with 25 crew members and 35 trainees. I love these old ships and will always let them tie up to my dock for free. Click on the pictures for the large version and see the crew working up high on the sails.

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