Saturday, May 4, 2013

The three C's

Every one's heard of the three C's to a successful relationship,  if you haven't, this could really help.  Today My bride of about 30 years returns to the US where we will start a new chapter in our lives.  For the first time we will live together 24/7 which is something we've never done.  I am usually gone about 3 months a year working on my projects.  Shown here packing out is my final inbound flight to the US from England. I will miss the outstanding service on a flight that I've taken a dozen times.
 As I relax in business class I gave a lot of thought to this adjustment we will both have to make.  I truly believe the secret is in the 3 C's and that's all I will ever ask of Julie.  Cook, Clean, and Comply,,,It's just that simple.  I will do all the rest no matter what it will be.  She might want to add something to that but it just won't be necessary.  So this evening when I pick Julie up at Phoenix Sky harbor, she will began a one year break from her busy and stressful career.  It will be huge comfort to her when she finds out that I've totally removed any and all stress from our lives going forward.

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