Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mumbai India

These are my work colleagues from London and India. This is the last stop before heading home. Three different cities with flights between each made for a busy week. We had drivers taking us to our business centers in each city so no worries of getting lost or run over. The driving is really chaos, they don't use turn signals in the city, you indicate using your horn. After 5 days of constant honking and congested cities my ears were ringing. The drivers are very skilled and only use the lines in the road as "suggestions" more times then not there were 10 cars across in a street meant for 4. The second shot is the Dhobi Ghaat (The Washing Place). They collect the washing from businesses and wash them in the concrete basins, they pound them against the sides to both clean and get the water out. They are then hung to dry. In the back they have someone ironing and folding and then ready for delivery. It is an amazing sight! The bottom picture is the Taj Hotel which was attacked by terrorists in 2008, they entered Mumbai from the sea and attacked this beautiful hotel. Security now is very high indeed. Multiple checks everywhere which is time consuming but much appreciated.

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